Wedding Trends 2020: Do's And Don'ts Every Groom Needs To Know

Wedding Trends 2020: Do’s And Don’ts Every Groom Needs To Know

We’re always sceptical about the “every groom” articles, aren’t you? Sometimes we think what could something possibly apply to every groom that matches to his style. However, we do want to learn from others’ mistakes, especially for the bride who wants to see her goom stunning. 

With trends come warnings (or, at least, there should be warnings) as we look to our year of “perfect visibility” this year, let’s look at trends and potential mistakes. We may even share with you a few funny things based on our team experiences.  

Okay, let’s start with one of our team wedding experiences. He got married a few years ago, and his wife did about 17 different things from teeth whitening, weight loss, gym time, manicures, pedicures to waxes treatment.  Automatically, he did a few ‘beauty’ treatments he’d never done before. The first one, he got a tan in a booth.

He didn’t know how long to go. It was in July, but his skin was the colour of freshly plowed snow. So, taking the advice of the 16-year-old girl at the counter, he went in for too long.  The night before the wedding, he stood in the kitchen as his soon-to-be wife lovingly applied aloe vera gel to his lobster-red back.

So, let’s try a Learn from The Grooms Mistakes theme.

Image Source: Photo by Gabriel Crismariu on Unsplash

DO Admit You Want to Look Good

Just get over the ridiculous stereotype that for some reason you don’t care how you look.  When you’re looking over those wedding pictures, the words Beauty and the Beast are not what you want to be coming out from your mind. 

There are a few checklists out there. We like this article which describes what we expect from men, to simplify, here are the top three things to think about.

  1. 1. Hair 

Don’t get it cut at the last minute.  Take some time to think about the cutting style and suitable colour, it’s okay to  spend a little money. Grow the hair out if you want. Get a REAL beard trim. And for the sake of decency, don’t cut it by yourself.

  1. 2. Nails

It’s a great idea to get a pedicure.  You can even go with your fiancée. Double check that they’re clean, cut, cuticles pushed back, etc.  If you don’t know this already, it feels great, too.

  1. 3. Skin

Is there anything that has been bothering you? Spots? Dry patches? Ingrown hairs? Beard flakey? You can deal with that.  You can even see a dermatologist! Get a mole removed! Now is the perfect time to do it.

DO Wear Your Shoes First

This is from personal experience, and we really want you to listen. Don’t make your wedding is your first time to wear a pair of dress shoes or since someone died. 

This is a day of standing. 

So when you buy your shoes, take them home, put them on a few times, walk around, even do your dishes in them.

Here is an article on how to break in a new pair of dress shoes, if that wasn’t specific enough.

With that, we’ll also add that when you buy dress shoes, you do want to make sure not to wait until the last minute to choose them. Be ready. This is the best advice the grooms ever got.

Image Source: Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

DO Take On A Few Of The Big Jobs (And Don’t Leave Her With Everything)

You’ve heard it said, but it remains true.  In a wedding planning, women come in like a hurricane, planning everything, and men often are left just being “supportive” and buying their suits.  However, there are major things you can take care of. Three examples of those are 

  1. 1. Invitations for best man and groomsmen

 You can actually find invitation designs by searching them online.  Etsy has a lot of great examples for cool ways you can design a best man invitation, and of course, throw in a groomsman invitation if you wish.  This is a big day for you, your brothers, and your best friends. Sometimes we underestimate the meaning of this among close male friends.

We like this wine bottle invitation or these cigar groomsmen invites. But there are seriously so other creative inspirations. A lot of us (especially men) actually like the idea of finding the one, tying the knot and having a family. However, if you want a “she’s making me do this” card, you can also find out about a billion of the designs that you can suggest to your women.

  1. 2. Suit choice for best man and groomsmen

Suit choice is something that should be your job. Tell her that this is will be your tasklist.  If you want her to have some suggestions, that’s great, but the reason we get bridezillas is that let’s be honest, she doesn’t delegate well. So you do suits. 

You, your best man and your groomsmen can wear exactly the same suit. Our advice, you buy it off the rack and then have it altered, bonus is you can even find a sale.  You can also be brave and get slightly different suits then everyone can get the cut that makes them look good. 

Here is a single article about 20 different smaller articles on buying men’s suits, or renting them, or getting tuxes. The tuxes are preferably for evening wedding reception. Talk to the guys, get their inputs, even in 20 character texts, they may have more experience with this than you do.

Image Source: Photo by Kats Weil on Unsplash

  1. 3. Gifts for best man and groomsmen

Don’t make her to buy all the men’s gifts.  Seriously, this will be adding her task lists and possibly buy the incorrect gifts for your friends. For example, your best man lived for football, and she knew nothing about it.  And you are the one who know each of your friends personality and hobbies.

If they are partiers or want desk organizers or barbecue tools, you understand them, and that’s why they’re standing up there with you. You can make it easy on yourself and visit one website which personalized gifts for everyone, like this one It’s got their names on it, it’s elegant, and like–$250 if you’ve got five guys to shop for.

Don’t let her obsess about what to get for your best friends. It’s a wrong move to start for a marriage. Just imagine what shopping for her bridesmaids would be like. Now, you understand?

Don’t Forget To Ask For What You Want

We’re going to finish with what might be the number one Don’t.  Don’t spend a year saying anything about what you want because it’s her day, then realize at the end that you weren’t a part of your own wedding. 

We’re not sure why men have to be reminded, but this is your day too. We insisted on a few things such as ’80s music at the reception, a grooms’ cake that represented your college team, and a lot of drinks. At the end of the day, if you don’t ask, it was going to be all her flowers, her dress, her food, her music, remember that wedding is about two people, you and your loved one.

This is especially true if you’re going to suddenly show up and be mad about not liking her choices.  You don’t need to criticize, instead you discuss with her for better solutions.

Just remember, she wants you to enjoy the wedding steps as much as she is. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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