To Construct Drama in Wedding Photography

To Construct Drama in Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is essentially included in documenting activity. But now, with a little touch of art in documenting wedding event, the photos resulted are not monotonous anymore. After dealing with fashion and wedding photography in Jakarta and Surabaya, in 2006 I started to establish “Why Imaging” in Bali. Certainly, it is aimed to satisfy my passion in making wedding photography that is not monotonous. Several styles like candid wedding photography, wedding photojournalism and fashion photography are combined into one photography style.

For me, wedding photography has to contain other elements beside merely documenting. So I started to collaborate four main elements in my wedding photography: drama, lighting, composition, and moment.

Dramatization is the most essential element to me. On it we can see a distinctive element distinguishing a photographer’s work to another. As human, we have drama in our life, and we seem to love drama since it makes our life livelier.

In 2002, my mentor taught me to use portable flash to make photo more dramatic than using heavy studio flash. For pre-wedding photos, this method can save more space, time and give more creativeness to our works since it is possible to use eight flashes at a time. Imagine if we have to bring eight studio flashes.

Combined with technology that is capable to minimize noise at high ISO, portable flash with small power can be used to shoot wedding ceremony. What for? To obtain dramatic lighting.

Since 2006, I consistently use portable flash in Bali. In this island people mostly have wedding parties at gardens or seashore with minimum light. It is different from wedding parties in big cities usually held indoor or at ballrooms with sufficient light. With several flashes, we can create 3-D lighting effect. One flash on camera just creates flat lighting result.

I always try to dramatize “some” of my works to make photography artwork. Why “some”? Because if I dramatize all the photos, they can be boring.

In my business, I classify wedding photography into three categories; they are pre-wedding photography with specific brand image “wedding portraiture;” wedding-day photography with “wedding story;” and post-wedding photography with “love story portraiture.”


Wedding Portraiture

I adopt high speed sync technique to shoot wedding portraiture with portable flash. High speed sync is a technique using flash with speed exceeding the shutter speed recommended by camera.

Wedding Story

In several photos, especially make-up session and first dance, I frequently use backlight technique to get unusual mood in photos usually considered monotonous.

Love Story Portraiture

Here I do not apply a lot of photography techniques, but rely more on posing the moment and composition by telling a short scenario to client.


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