The Story of Bali Wedding Easy part 1

The Story of Bali Wedding Easy part 1

We started with the idea, how to simplify organizing the wedding, for the couples who want to get married in Bali.

Choosing a vendor is one of the things that makes couples disoriented. They have to ask one by one and selecting vendors that even they do not know the reputation of these vendors.

We try to solve this problem by selecting vendors who have a fine reputation to collaborate and establish the marketplace. Not just creating a common marketplace, but the online marketplace, where the couple as a customer can browse reliable vendors which has a valid reputation in Bali and be informed the best price they can acquire.

Not only they have knowledge of the price and reputation, but also they can purchase directly on this website. Method of payment, either through Pay Pal or direct transfer.

Why online? We choose online so everyone who need a wedding service in Bali get a real information, from a real trustworthy vendor, with the real deal price.

We will continue to develop this website so that the method of payment that can be done more easily, such as using a credit card payment or online payment method via bank like KlikPay BCA and Mandiri Clickpay.

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