The Chapel

The Chapel

The Chapel

As Bali’s leading destination wedding venue, at Tirtha Bridal we have always embraced innovation without straying too far from our carefully cultivated image of bespoke sophistication. However, in a move to add sustainable elegance to our evolving portfolio of wedding day solutions, we have launched an inspiring decorative concept that will appeal to eco-conscious couples.

With the number of weddings hosted at Tirtha Bridal continuing to grow every year, we have decided that it is time to do things a little bit differently. While we are in the business of creating once-in-a-lifetime occasions filled with magical memories, we also feel the need to address the issue of excessive waste.  Therefore, we have created a series of decorative themes for weddings and celebrations that are absolutely stunning with reduced use of cut flowers and disposable items.

For guests choosing to express their love in the refined ambience of our Tirtha Uluwatu Chapel, we let the beauty of nature take centre stage. This striking facility is blessed with a sweeping view over the Indian Ocean and a scattering of native grass dancing in the breeze. The chapel is also edged by a series of crystal-clear waterways featuring a collection of islands planted with blossoming frangipani trees.

When it comes to actually decorating the chapel, we now offer couples the opportunity to use more environmentally-friendly alternatives; oversized vases of dried pampas grass and potted orchids combined with fine silver threads cascading down from the ceiling. This particular look is fresh and inviting with subtle hints of tropical charm minus any unnecessary waste.

In Japan, the idea of not throwing things away or refraining from buying new items is referred to as ‘Mottainai’. With this in mind and being a Japanese managed company,  we are now implementing a more simplistic approach by repairing, repurposing and upcycling many of our existing decorative elements and props. As we are still motivated to adopt new wedding trends, we will now to do so in a way that is design-driven yet totally sustainable.

In addition to minimizing single-use plastics in all Tirtha Bridal venues, we have also stopped offering wedding couples balloon release ceremony. Although this symbolic practice has always been very popular, we have chosen to reinforce our commitment to preserving the environment and precious marine life surrounding the island of Bali.

Uluwatu Bali Wedding Ocean View Chapel

Bali best destination wedding for Ceremony and Receptions at Tirtha Uluwatu.

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