Louise Testimonial

Louise Testimonial

Bali Island has always been a wedding or honeymoon resort for the stars. The recent Huang Cuiru, such as Xiao Zhengnan, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Lin Xinru, and Xu Ruoxuan, have chosen to witness the romantic moment between this dream island and the other half and friends and family. On this island, newcomers can choose to make your dream wedding on the beach, seaside villas, or the more special Uluwatu cliffs.

In preparing for an overseas wedding, based on the relationship between jet lag, language, cultural differences, etc., I would recommend newcomers to adopt the wedding planner. Because I and the other half –Christopher also pro body felt communicate with the hotel without the preparations for the wedding experts, the really talk about a loss.

So I chose Bali Wedding Easy, a wedding preparation company in Indonesia, which has hosted hundreds of weddings for newcomers in Hong Kong and other Asian countries. In addition, Bali Wedding Easy was introduced by my friends. They used this company to make weddings in the last year. With confidence, we decided to find them.

The theme color and style of the entire wedding is a simple earth color. I and Christopher liked to explore the outdoors, camping, star gazing, so the spot design company Konsep Sejiwa, when discussing the wedding with our design concept, we decided this time with a wedding bouquet and furnishings have joined miscanthus elements, so that the belt a kind of very raw & rustic romance.

I don’t like to get up early, so the big day of the wedding day will certainly not start too early. After eating breakfast, the makeup artist arrived at our cliff villa. This is the first time in my life, the make-up artist in Bali made me a make- up, but the makeup artist Sherlya took the initiative to lean with me several times before the big day about my request for makeup. Of course, I was satisfied with the wedding day. Gentle and generous makeup.

The headgear is the design of the good sister Maria, adding a personal touch to the bride’s styling.

I found during makeup Christopher was gone, that he told the photographer Ario Narendro and Awi out some of the groom photoshoot shooting team.

Welcome to the hotel at about 4 pm on the same day. Welcome drinks is a  new custom-made coconut green for our wedding, with the tropical feel of Bali. 

This villa has three floors. When March in, my father took my hand and led me from the ground to the lower level. In this way, my last lover gave me to the lover of this world. 

Of course, the wedding has a lot of flower shower!

The details of the dinner are also very romantic, the main color is champagne gold and adding some natural elements. 

The most intense part of the night was First Dance. I and Christopher personally danced and practiced for two weeks. Finally, they did  not live up to the friends and family who came to see the ceremony.

With the friends on the dance floor singing and dancing, the wedding is a perfect ending.

With love,

Louise P. 

Original website in PDF version: 打造夢幻般的懸崖婚禮 – Deluxe Hong Kong  (PDF Version)

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