Tokyo Skipjack

Tokyo Skipjack

Tokyo Skipjack specializes to provide outside bar service with term. & condition

Price and Description


Tokyo Skipjack was originally a steak and grill restaurant opened in Jakarta in June 2012. Two years later, we opened our first branch in Uma Seminyak, Seminyak, Bali.
This year, we create a servicebased catering line whose primary goal is to exceed customer’s expectations. Our catering division has a team focused on making your vision a reality. whether large or small, your catering needs will be taken care of from the moment we say “welcome” to the time your last guest leaves and you smile and say to us “well done!”.
Award• 2015 Tokyo Skipjack Jakarta, Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence
• 2015 Tokyo Skipjack Jakarta, Path – One of the Most Visited Eateries in Indonesia
• 2016 Tokyo Skipjack Seminyak, Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence
• 2017 Tokyo Skipjack Jakarta Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence
• 2017 Tokyo Skipjack Seminyak, Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence

From: Rp105.600,00

  • Disclaimer : Prices are subject to change without prior notice

    NOTE: some vendors require few hours to do the set up etc. Prior to the event.

  • For Menu details please contact us

    Price per Person

    • 158400 Rp
    • 171600 Rp
    • 226600 Rp
    • 246400 Rp
    • 246400 Rp
    • 363000 Rp
    • 105600 Rp
    • 144100 Rp
    • 113300 Rp
    • 113300 Rp
    • Weight per portion around 200g
    • The price for steaks includes 2 side dishes (fries/mashed potato and salad) and 2 saucea.
    • The price for burger includes wedges or fries
    • The Price for satay price includes white rice
    • The venue should have open area or kitchen with proper exhaust.
    • The minimum order for Steak is 30 persons and 40 persons for non steak menu.
    • Reservation should be made 3 days prior the event.
    • For order below minimum quantity or below Rp 5.000.000,-, there will be Rp 800.000,- additional charge for transportation and staff service.


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