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SUKLA Catering specializes to provide outside caterer with term. & condition

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With Sukla, there’s no limitation on enjoying a delicious food. You can enjoy remarkable food made by us anywhere.

Package Details

  1. Agung Package
    • 4 Course Set Menu (1 Appetizer + 1 Soup + 1 Main Course + 1 Dessert)
  2. Madya Package
    • 3 Course Set Menu (1 Appetizer Or 1 Soup + 1 Main Course + 1 Dessert)
  3. Alit Package
    • Alit #1: 2 Course Set Menu (1 Appetizer Or 1 Soup + 1 Main Course)
    • Alit #2: 2 Course Set Menu (1 Main Course + 1 Dessert)

Choose Your Menu :

    Sliced smoked salmon with baby salad and asparagus with lemon olive oil
    Crab and pomelo fruit, Japanese mayonnaise, baby mix salad, dry crepes, quail eggs
    Pan roasted smoked duck breast mix baby salad, gorgonzola cheese orange or passion fruit sauce
    Ceviche trio of fish (Salmon, Barramundi, Tuna) cube of green mango and Japanese cucumber in coconut bowl
  • SOUP
    Creamy mushroom soup with truffle oil serving with garlic bread
    Home classic roasted tomato soup crouton olive oil
    Cauliflower & potato soup serving with gorgonzola cheese
    Spicy curry pumpkin soup serving with grilled prawn
    Mediterranean grilled tenderloin eggplant, humus, mushroom with ratatouille, serving beef juice
    Grilled beef tenderloin “Union Station” king of mushroom, glaze vegetable, smoked green lentils, onion pickle
    Sous vide short ribs, caramelize onion, potato gratin, baby vegetable, edible flower
    Slow cooking 5 hour, with mirepoix and red wine, serving with polenta and grill green asparagus n baby carrot
    Chicken breast rolled with truffle mushroom duxelle, with mash roasted butternut pumpkin, garlic parmesan sauce, basil oil

    Pan Roasted Barramundi, baby steamed vegetables, lemon dill sauce, and chili oil
    Duo of Scallop, tiger prawn with truffle mushroom risotto baby glaze carrot serving with Lemon chlorophyll sauce
    Steamed white fish with baby sauté kailan ginger oyster sauce

    Cheese Cake with berry sauce, fresh fruit and mini macaroon, orange jelly
    Yogurt Cake with berry sauce, fresh fruit and lime jelly
    Caramel Mouse with white chocolate cream, berry sauce and mini macaroon
    Chocolate Mud Cake with berry sauce vanilla sauce and strawberry courted with chocolate
    Passion fruit delight with raspberry coulis and vanilla sauce
    Chocolate Mouse with chocolate and vanilla sauce
    Chocolate and coconut duo panna cotta with jack fruit coulis
    Vanilla creme brulee with fresh fruit and mini macaroon
    Vanilla panna cotta with berry sauce and fresh fruit
  1. Buffet Agung Package
    • Included: 6 Types Of Canapé, 5 Starters, 1 Soup, 8 Main Course, 5 Side Dish, 3 Live Station, 6 Dessert
  2. Buffet Madya Package
    • Included: 5 Types Of Canapé, 4 Starters, 1 Soup, 6 Main Course, 4 Side Dish, 1 Live Station, 5 Dessert
  3. Buffet Alit Package
    • Included: 4 Types Of Canapé, 3 Starters, 1 Soup, 5 Main Course, 3 Side Dish, 4 Dessert

Choose Your Menu :

    Cube tuna grade A marinated with sesame oil and soy sauce on cup
    Beef Rolled with Japanese cucumber on garlic bread
    Mixed chicken and glass noodle with baby romaine salad
    Mousse smoked salmon roll with cucumber
    Tuna mayo, whole grain, quail eggs on garlic bread
    Roasted duck wrap, Japanese cucumber, chive with hoisin sauce
    Yellow watermelon with feta cheese and balsamic glaze
    Crispy button mushroom, spicy escargot with Japanese mayonnaise
    Rice crackers, guacamole with grilled prawn
    Grilled satay Balinese spice chicken thighs with sambal matah
    Meat balls on tart with teriyaki sauce
    Spice grilled prawn with smoked sausage
    Buffalo chicken wing lollipop
    Mixed seafood and mushroom dumpling
    Traditional Indonesia chicken with peanut sauce (cilok)
    Chicken Tandoori satay
    Lamb sausage in puff pastry
    Classic Caesar salad
    Baked herb tomato, fresh mozzarella cheese baby salad balsamic dressing
    Mixed garden salad, with feta cheese lemon olive oil dressing
    Mexican mixed bean salad
    Roasted pumpkin, quinoa and wild arugula salad
    Thai Asian vermicelli noddle with roasted nut, fresh coriander leave
    Summer rice paper roll with pouch prawn or vegetarian
    Thai papaya salad
    Creamy pasta salad with baked tomato cherry
    Traditional Indonesia salad “Gado – Gado” serving with peanut sauce
    Asinan Jakarta mixed vegetables with peanut and vinegar dressing
    “Lumpia Semar” with young bamboo mixed chicken
    Rujak Pengantin mixed fruits with tamarind dressing
  • SOUP
    Thai pumpkin soup
    Creamy mushroom soup
    Homemade tomato soup with herbs
    Green of Broccoli soup
    Soto Ayam – chicken soup with glass noodles
    Seafood tom yum
    Thom Kha Gai
    Soto Betawi – beef soup with coconut cream
    Spanish chicken stew
    Indian chicken curry
    Chinese sauté chicken breast with vegetable serving with black paper sauce
    Chinese chicken kung pao
    Marinated tandoori grilled chicken
    Roasted chicken with herbs
    Satay Madura style (chicken, beef, lamb) with peanut sauce and pickle
    Balinese authentic chicken stew with “Base Genep” chicken betutu
    Balinese chicken lawar mixed with long been
    Indonesian “Opor Ayam” chicken curry with yellow paste and coconut cream
    Indonesian grilled chicken

    Steamed fish with soy sauce
    Baked white fish lemon and garlic
    Grilled tuna with sambal kecombrang or sambal matah
    Tuna satay with red paste
    Sautéed squid and prawn with Balinese spices
    Balinese fish satay

    Beef stew with mirepoix red wine
    Classic beef Stroganoff serving with boiled potato and mushroom
    Live carving roasted sirloin with beef jus and mustard potato gratin
    Mixed paprika and enoki mushroom wrap with beef Shabu – Shabu
    Sauté Beef and vegetables with black pepper sauce
    Beef rendang – Indonesian authentic slow cooking beef in Sumatra style
    Iga bakar, Indonesian grilled ribs with chili spice
    Thai green curry beef with basil and vegetables

    Balinese Babi Guling
    Pasta Station
    Suckling Lamb
    Grilled Station (chicken Tandoori, single beef, lamb chop, assorted sausage, vegetables kebab)
    Jasmine Rice
    Red rice
    Yellow rice
    Nasi uduk
    Chinese fried rice with seafood, chicken or vegetarian
    Fried Chinese noodle with seafood, chicken or vegetarian
    Mie goreng Jawa
    Bihun goreng
    Cha Kangkung tau co
    Cha kangkung belacan
    Plecing kangkung
    Boil broccoli sauce Tiram
    Cauliflower gratin
    Potato gratin
    Vegetable ratatouille
    Braised white cabbage with sauté bacon
    Baked potato with creamy sauce
    Sauté green bean crunchy garlic butter
    Lemon mascarpone cranberry jelly
    Dark chocolate mousse with fruit
    Vanilla & berry pannacota
    Coconut pannacota with mango & berry
    Dark chocolate tart with strawberry
    Yogurt Greek pannacota with blueberry sauce
    Assorted sweet tartlets
    White & dark chocolate mousse with berry sauce
    Fruit skewer
    Chocolate mud cake
    Red velvet
    Baked cheese cake
    Assorted seasonal fruit ( 5 item )
    Dadar gulung – Indonesian crepe with shredded coconut and palm sugar filling
    Pandan cake
    Opera cake
    Palm sugar or vanilla crème brulee
    Wajik Ketan
    Assorted sweet bars: lemon, guava

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From: Rp525.000,00

  • For Menu details please contact us

    Set Menu Package

    • 750000 Rp
      Agung Package – Price @ Rp. 750.000 net/person, 4 Course Set Menu (1 Appetizer + 1 Soup + 1 Main Course + 1 Dessert)
    • 650000 Rp
      Madya Package – Price @ Rp. 650.000 net/person, 3 Course Set Menu (1 Appetizer Or 1 Soup + 1 Main Course + 1 Dessert)
    • 550000 Rp
      Alit Package – Price @ Rp. 550.000 net/person, Alit #1: 2 Course Set Menu (1 Appetizer Or 1 Soup + 1 Main Course), Alit #2: 2 Course Set Menu (1 Main Course + 1 Dessert)

    Buffet Menu Package

    • 850000 Rp
      Buffet Agung Package – Price at IDR. 850.000 net/person Included: 6 types of canapé, 5 starters, 1 soup, 8 main course, 5 side dish, 3 live station, 6 dessert
    • 650000 Rp
      Buffet Madya Package – Price at IDR. 650.000 net/person Included: 5 types of canapé, 4 starters, 1 soup, 6 main course, 4 side dish, 1 live station, 5 dessert
    • 525000 Rp
      Buffet Alit Package – Price at IDR. 525.000 net/person Included: 4 types of canapé, 3 starters, 1 soup, 5 main course, 3 side dish, 4 dessert


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