Konsep Sejiwa, Bali Wedding Decoration

Konsep Sejiwa, Bali Wedding Decoration

A Creative, Event Styling and Design Production House

Here at Konsep Sejiwa the Bali wedding decoration company, design luxury weddings for the stylish and discerning couple. Their approach to wedding decoration is based upon their belief that each Konsep Sejiwa client brings their own unique vision to their wedding concept and together, they make that vision a reality. They will help you design, style, and plan your Bali wedding decoration dream while also making the process fun for all involved.   

Inspired by art, nature, and culture, they build your aesthetic and design around what resonates with each bride to create an event that is tailored, fresh, and lovely!

The Konsep Sejiwa respects your view of the dream you want at your wedding reception. They always hold discussions with clients either through the wedding planner or directly with their clients.

They will provide their best deals, they can even be invited to discuss your wedding decoration budget, so that your wedding budget can be used efficiently and effectively.

Ari Anastasia is the driving force behind all KONSEP SEJIWA’s work. Her sustained experience as an editor in a wedding magazine as well as a designer at one of the biggest wedding decorators in Indonesia has made Ari highly creative in his works.

The Konsep Sejiwa itself means the concept in one soul. This brand hopes to unite the vision of the designer, Ari Anastasia, with the concepts of its clients, to produce a mature concept, the concept in one soul.

Ari’s knowledge of flowers is amazing. She can arrange flowers by combining interior elements with various flowers and creating beautiful works of art. She will try to make your wedding decoration dreams come true with the available budget

Besides that, Konsep Sejiwa has a second brand that usually collaborates with various venues and wedding planner in Bali. They work together to produce beautiful yet economical decoration designs for their clients. Ari choose a beautiful name for the second brand, Bunga Sejiwa. Bunga Sejiwa is Flower in one soul.

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