How to implement an ‘Eco-Friendly’ element on your wedding in Bali

How to implement an ‘Eco-Friendly’ element on your wedding in Bali

This year, the awareness of protecting the environment is increasingly important, that’s including in the wedding celebration. More couples who are environmentally conscious add an ‘eco-friendly’ note to their wedding planner or vendors for their big day a bit more sustainable. Whether you want your day to be eco-friendly since the beginning, or you’re looking for just a couple of eco-elements such as biodegradable materials on the wedding invitation, wedding decor which help your wedding be waste-free, while natural and sustainable foods, wedding dresses, and flowers can be found on the eco-friendly vendors.

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The key thing is that adding an eco-friendly point in your wedding shouldn’t feel like a chore even small sustainable details can make a big impact on your big day.

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