Green Wedding Celebrations at The Glass House by Tirtha Bridal

Green Wedding Celebrations at The Glass House by Tirtha Bridal

The Glass House

Excess waste is a real threat to our planet and now is the time to take action. In a carefully considered move towards being more sustainable, Tirtha Bridal is now offering couples a choice of eco-friendly wedding options. As Bali’s leading destination wedding venue, we are still all about elegance but in a way that is also sensitive to the surrounding environment.

While we will still host lavish weddings in our signature Tirtha Uluwatu Chapel, we understand there is a growing desire for simpler celebrations with a much lighter footprint. This means relying less on single-use flowers and decorations, and taking full advantage of what is around us.

The Glass House is a private retreat located just 10 minutes away from the Tirtha Bridal complex by car. Designed to embrace the beauty of nature, this sanctuary lends itself to the spirit of romance. It is a multifaceted venue that offers couples an array of versatile indoor and outdoor wedding settings with space to host up to 150 invited guests. As its name indicates, the venue is encompassed entirely by tropical greenery and even features a collection of themed gardens.

For an intimate wedding ceremony, the Moonlight Garden is a superb area with a spill-out out terrace and a scattering of indigenous palms dancing in the breeze. These settings are both lovely in their own right and limit any real need for freshly cut flowers.

Enveloped by mature trees, the real standout at The Glass House is a striking structure known as the Plumeria Room. This elevated pavilion seemingly floats in mid-air and features floor to ceiling glass panels for a 180-degree view of green forest. It is a light and airy lounge-inspired space that enables every bridal couple to shine on their wedding day.

The Plumeria Room is the epitome of contemporary sophistication and it only requires minimal adornment. Long lengths of reusable white fabric are gracefully draped to create a canopied effect, while plants flowing out of recycled glass containers are suspended from the ceiling. The overall look is quite magical and captivates the senses in the best possible way.

Tirtha Bridal’s talented team of florists is now going all out to source and utilise natural decorative items such as plants, leaves and branches that can later be repurposed. This refreshing concept not only looks good but produces less waste and is much kinder to the environment.

Uluwatu Bali Wedding with Forest View

Bali Best Destination Wedding Venue at The Glass House with Forest view for 30, 50 and 100 people

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