Being a favorite wedding destination, there are 16 thousand wedding in Bali yearly

Being a favorite wedding destination, there are 16 thousand wedding in Bali yearly

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Denpasar – Bali is one of the most popular wedding venues around the world. Even as a favorite wedding destination, Bali holds a total of 16 thousand weddings in one year. 

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This was stated by Yano Sumampow from Bali Wedding Easy. He also revealed that besides being a tourist destination, Bali is a favorite wedding venue for residents to foreign nationals. 

“Around the 2000s, it suddenly boomed, Bali became a wedding destination for residents outside the city of Bali, even foreigners,” said Yano at the International Conference Center Bali, Kuta, Friday night (17/5/2019). 

The founder of an online wedding marketplace that focuses on bringing together wedding vendors and clients of the bride and groom-to-be added that usually those who hold weddings in Bali have previously carried out weddings first. “We accept a lot of them getting married outside where they came from before, so this is a second, more intimate wedding party with close friends and family,” he added. 

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In fact, according to Yano, many weddings in Bali invite only 20 guests. Unlike in other cities such as Jakarta and Surabaya, the wedding packages are with 200 guests to thousands. 

“We are part of the tourism industry. Because almost all hotels have weddings, plus event planners to wedding planners,” said Yano. 

Seeing the number of weddings being held on the Island of the Gods, Bali Wedding Easy also wants to introduce that holding weddings in Bali is neither difficult nor expensive. Through this marketplace, which was just released in January 2019 and already has 72 vendors, the bride and groom can easily plan their dream wedding in Bali. 

“We start with websites, collect vendors, there are MCs, decorations, venues, photographers and videographers. We want to introduce the vendors. Brides can see for themselves how much it costs and can compare. They can standardize themselves, whether it’s suitable with their budget,” Yano explained. 

The man who has been in the wedding industry as a photographer for decades also added that the price for brides who usually marry in Bali ranges from Rp. 50 to Rp. 200 million. 

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