at Hard Rock FM radio Bali at Hard Rock FM radio Bali


Recently our CEO of, Yano Sumampow has been interviewed by the famous Indonesian HardRockFM Bali.

This fun radio interview is done by Lola Chandra, the ‘drive & jive” host. 

Lola Chandra also listed as Professional Master Ceremony at our Vendor MC


We talk about how easy to do your own Bali wedding, without any help from wedding planner or wedding organizer.

Choose yourself what you want or need with our Vendors, Venue, Ceremony and Reception collections.

Sometimes Bride & Groom to be confuse and wondering how much budget needed for organize Wedding Destination in Bali, we have all-inclusive package, the simplest way to do for know how much budget that you need to spend.

When you forgot to book your make-up artist, sound system, band, photo or video, and many more for your wedding, we provide everything at

Many questions are coming from hard rockers how to buy, how to manage, what kind of package and others interesting questions.

We also giveaway for the best questions with prize:

  • 1 night stay voucher at Alam Boutique Villa
  • lunch or dinner for 2 at Kayu Manis Jimbaran
  • lunch or dinner for 2 at Kayu Manis Nusa Dua.

Easy to buy, easy to shop, easy package for simplify your wedding in Bali

Photo by: Aditia Nugroho – 

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