5 Tips & Tricks To Avoid Becoming Bridezilla

5 Tips & Tricks To Avoid Becoming Bridezilla

There’s no doubt in almost every wedding, the bride is the chief in charge of every its aspect from the welcome dinner, holy matrimony to the wedding reception. It comes naturally because generally, women have had their dream wedding since they were little.  

Unfortunately, the expectation to create the wedding you’ve fantasised about since childhood can be overwhelming and make you become a less pleasant person or even a bridezilla especially for spouses, close friends, families and your wedding planner. 

Therefore, Le Mariage has five points that you should put in to ensure that you’re chilled out, laid back bride-to-be you can be.

Keep Being A “Friend”

Sometimes women almost forget how to become a “friend” closer to their wedding day.

Excessive joy makes her has a tendency to always discuss the wedding preparations when she meets with her friends who are feeling bored as if there’s no other topics.

Things like this should be avoided as they are already updated with your wedding prep and still needing you as their friends and family members. So, don’t forget to ask them how they are and properly catch up next time you call or meet them. 


The desire of women to make their dream wedding come true sometimes lead them to become a perfectionist. That leads the bride-to-be expects her groom, soon to be in-laws, parents and of course her wedding planner to follow what she says. 

We suggest you be tolerant and flexible. Listen to those who are close to you, especially your fiance as the wedding is his big day as well. Different perspectives are always necessary to give you ideas which lead to smooth wedding preparation.  

Stay Away From The Excessive Drama Queen

As the wedding date closer, the bride-to-be tends to have a higher level of stress than the groom itself. At this time, usually, the bride and groom need more understanding and attention from each other. You should communicate with your fiance often and never become a drama queen during the wedding preparations.

Listen Then Look for the Best Solution

What often happens is the differences of opinion between the bride-to-be and the groom. Always remember to remain calm, content and remember the reason why both of you want to marry for the rest of your life. 

So, it is important for both of you to discuss in a relaxed environment at a suitable time which the best solution or even new ideas are formed. 


As previously stated, the final outcome of the whole marriage preparation is the main goal, but remember to be happy and have fun during the process. Because there is no point planning a wedding if you are miserable the whole time.

So when things are not in line with the plan, you should be able to think creatively and improvising. Don’t get hung up on just one thing, but try to look at other possibilities and available options. 

Last but not least, any time you see yourself getting frustrated, stop what you’re doing and remember to breathe in as well as relax for a little while. Because happy planning leads to fun wedding events.

This article is a collaboration with Le Mariage and originally published at Le Mariage website.
Author: EBI dan Alice
English version by Venty Ariani

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

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