An Unforgettable Cliff-Top Wedding Celebration At Wonderland Uluwatu

An Unforgettable Cliff-Top Wedding Celebration At Wonderland Uluwatu

Looking for a stunning view of your destination wedding venue? With an oceanfront cliff-top land where Bali’s magical sunset can be seen perfectly, there’s no better place to get married in Wonderland Uluwatu. The beautiful decorations from Sweet Bella Project are sure to convince you that you can’t go wrong with a cliff’s wedding. With superb wedding coordination by Chroma Wedding, this well-planned-bride knew just how to design a wedding that would delight and charm her families and friends. Lovely florals in a rustic theme are complementing the wedding ambience that surrounded the entire venue. We’re pretty sure that every wedding at this venue will be an incredible experience, especially from Dedy and Helen’s wedding as the first couple to marry in Wonderland Uluwatu!

The couple did the grand entrance from The Joglo,  an intricately-carved teak glasshouse of more than a hundred years was brought in from the island of Java and placed on the southeast corner of Wonderland, Uluwatu. The pathway is filled with Dedy and Helen memorable moments which they’d love to share with their guests, as well as beautiful sitting arrangement information that easy to be read.


A beautiful and unique separator for cocktail and reception area comes from Pampas Grass for both Welcome board and floral gate.

The Pool area is swiped become a magical reception area with the huge fairy light curtains, white & peach colours themed for the bridal table completed by the iron backdrop. A nicely build transparent floating stage is perfect for Dedy and Helen did the first dance.

With a team of fantastic vendors and a bride and groom that not only welcomed but encouraged the personalized touches (and trusted Chroma’s Wedding to bring their wedding to life) the wedding was an evening that Dedy and Helen, along with their guests, are sure never to forget.

Bali Wedding Venue Wonderland Uluwatu

Wonderland Uluwatu, a blank canvas without limitations. Design your dream cliff-top event and make it memorable.

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Let’s hear from Arief and Tirza, the duo MCs for Dedy and Helen’s Big Day

Best known for his talkative, unpredictable, creative yet out of the box, Arief Senoajii and a charming yet warm Tirza become the duo in a fun wedding celebration of Dedy & Helen at Wonderland Uluwatu. Surely the event ran smoothly and successfully, definitely a night to remember!

Here is a sneak peek of these stunning MCs in a video from the wedding at the new ‘it’ venue in Bali, Wonderland Uluwatu.

“An impressive venue, easy to design with their blank canvas concept, all the staff are easy to work with and cooperative, surely one of our best experiences.”

Chroma Wedding

“The first big wedding in Wonderland – but it went well and gorgeous. We can’t wait for the next ones with Bali Wedding Easy.”

Kristy, Manager at Wonderland Uluwatu

From Dedy & Helen Wedding, September 21st, 2019

Photo by Dico Bramarta

Arief Senoaji

Professional English speaking Bali wedding Master Ceremony

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Tirza Agnesia (Tian Ziyan)

Multilingual Bali Wedding Master Ceremony

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