A Letter from Two Beautiful Souls

A Letter from Two Beautiful Souls

Good morning Josephine,

I know this is a bit overdue, we’ve been back in Mumbai for 12 days now, but we were taking it easy enjoying this short break before Virgilia’s school reopens. We truly had a dream vacation/wedding in Bali.

And that’s largely owing to you and your team. Everything was perfect. We got a lot of rain on our wedding day, but everything went through with minimum hitch. It was truly beautiful. Could not have asked for better. And every single person who knew it was our wedding day, including the ladies at the spa, smiled and told us we were fortunate to have rain that day, that the God’s above were showering their blessings upon us.


Josephine, it was you who put is in touch with Novie, and remained tagged on our emails back and forth, so you know first hand how professional she has been. Thereafter, we contacted her for champagne flutes, and in 2 minutes, it was arranged. I called her the day we got into Bali, just to make sure everything was in place. She said her team would get in at 10am on the day. We weren’t supposed to be there at 10am, we were supposed to be out for a photoshoot with Ario. So I put the best man, Vishal, in charge. A member of Novie’s team reported to Vishal at 10am sharp. Novie had scouted the location prior, and had a plan in place. Unfortunately, that plan went out the window, that day it rained sunrise to sunset. But, she was quick to improvise, and micro manage the details. We were down to limited space in the Bale. Novie setup the arch and seating at one end, and partially prepped the dining table at the other. As soon as the ceremony was over, her team took not 15 minutes to fully setup the dining table, and clear out space for dancing. They were super. Novie was super. As a matter of fact, the villa owner was so impressed with the setup, she took Novie’s phone number. The day before we departed, she spoke to me and said she’d be recommending Novie hereafter. I think that’s high praise that someone who’s hosting weddings routinely thinks Novie’s the best she’s seen.


I did find Ario on your site. There’s no mention of him on other wedding portals. We had been through the websites of 30 other photographers. We were only looking for photographers at the time. But watching the videos on those sites with only a semi-open mind. The videos on Ario’s site though had us change our mind. We wrote to him, a rather lengthy email (as you’ve come to expect from me) and he responded to every query in my email. Chatted on WhatsApp the next morning, and the vibe was extremely positive. He kept in touch, sent me short, regular updates, on the weather, Campuhan security, Mt. Agung’s eruptions. On the morning of the 14th, he was at the villa right on time. We drove out to Campuhan, got out the car, and within a minute it started to pour. Ario suggested we reschedule, and so we did. We went out to breakfast instead. We had a good long chat. Before we knew it, 3 hours had passed, and we were late for a spa appointment. We met back at the villa that afternoon. His team was efficient and well coordinated. We gathered our clothes, footwear, rings etc. They each picked one item, and they were off shooting. 30 minutes later, it was all back on our bed. Shooting us getting dressed was alot of fun. We were apprehensive, but Ario and his team made sure we were comfortable throughout. After the ceremony, we took a walk around the villa and got alot of photographs, even some drone footage, which I can’t wait to see. Two days later, Ario was back at the villa at the crack of dawn, for Campuhan Round 2. This session was more fun, since his team was absent. It was just us. Ario’s a charming, good-natured gentleman, and working with him is a breeze. Plus we got lucky with some great weather and light.

Virgilia’s asked me to add:

‘It’s a shame he lives so far away, I’d love to hang out with him. Tell him when he does decide to do that trip to India, he’s staying with us while he’s in Mumbai.’

‘Ario’s son is adorable.’ (She repeats this everytime we mention him) We haven’t seen the finished product yet, but we’re very confident we made the right choice.  

But we’ve struck gold with a couple other choices too.

To all of you, Josephine, Novie, Ario, thank you so very much for making our dream wedding possible. You might live many thousand miles away, but you’ll always be very near and dear to us.    




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