5 Simple Rules For Dressing Your Bridesmaids

5 Simple Rules For Dressing Your Bridesmaids

Moving on from your wedding plan, the next thing you need to do is the details that will make the wedding day unique. By your side, there will be the best support group you could have ever asked for  – the bridesmaid squad. However, between coordinating numerous trips to find dresses and making alterations, you and your girls might feel a little overwhelmed; and these simple how-tos will help you figure out the perfect bridesmaids’ dresses.

Have a budget

Bridesmaid attires can add up to your budget; between the dresses, jewelry, and shoes. You have to be mindful of the lifestyles of your bridesmaids when choosing the price tag of their dresses. A pricey option can be a financial burden for a few of your bridesmaids, so consider alternatives like off the rack dresses.

You can also choose to cut alterations costs or color, and let the girls choose a dress that fits into their budget, which helps them add individuality to each dress. Another alternative is one of the numerous rental bridal dresses websites that will allow your girls to wear designer pieces without shelling out designer prices.

Here in Indonesia, the brides give colored fabric to their bridesmaids as part of wedding gift which their girls can create their bridesmaid dresses based on their styles yet in color coordinated.

Start searching

Always pick your wedding gown before you start looking for a bridesmaid’s attire. The gown you pick should coordinate with the dresses your bridesmaids wear – but not be an exact match, or it will confuse your guests! For instance, if your gown is strapless, it’s better if the bridesmaids wore strapless too.

If your dress is leaning towards ultra-romantic, you may not want your bridesmaids dressed in modern silhouettes. 

Focus on hues

Color is important, and there are a couple of ways to approach choosing the right hue for your wedding. As a start, focus on the main color scheme of the ceremony and reception areas, as well as the palette. Second, decide whether you want everyone in the brides squad to have the same color or if you would rather have them wear some color scheme.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different shades of the same color to add some variety to your lineup. Lighter shades like iris and celadon will work well for wedding on the island, or if you prefer saturated, rich colors like navy, dark grey and deep plum are our favorite colors this year.

Choose a dress

Once you have identified a few favorites, finalize the dress theme for your bridesmaids. Share the photos of your favorites to the girls for their opinions. The bridesmaids will appreciate that you consider their input important, and they will be happy to be part of the wedding plan.

Find their shoes

Even if you love that pair of magnificent four-inch stilettos, do not subject the girls to torture. If you are choosing their shoes, do so with comfort as the priority. Or you can have the girls choose their shoes based on agreed color and on their own budget.

Everything else

A couple of extras like jewelry, belts, scarves, and pins can go a long way in completing the entire ensemble while giving each dress an individual flair. However, note that the extras you include in the bridesmaid’s gowns will add up.

 Therefore, if it’s not in your budget to take care of the costs for them, do not ask the girls to do so either. However, if there is a certain piece you want to be added to the bridal look, consider gifting it as a bridesmaid keepsake. For example, you can give a bracelet, embroidered bathrobe to your girls, a tie or cuffs for your groom’s best man. 

Outfitting your bridesmaids is a fun way to bond with your girls and find a style that best suits you and their unique personalities. And let each bridesmaid be their own personal style: After all, you hand-picked each and every girl for a reason!

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