» » » Simple Balinese Blessing Ceremony for TWO

Simple Balinese Blessing Ceremony for TWO

Simple Balinese Blessing Ceremony for TWO

Balinese Wedding Ceremony is the ceremony of commitment performed by Celebrant without any legal or religious implication in combination with Balinese Blessing Ceremony. The Celebrant will hand you various offerings one by one and the couple will copy the Celebrant’s prayer movements with each offering received

With holy water, ceremonial bells and various types of offerings towards the end of the ceremony it is asked that the couple feed each other a small portion of food or something else prepared by the Celebrant as a symbolic gesture of union. this ceremony is very unique and adds a truly beautiful spiritual atmosphere in your very special day.

Performed by Balinese Officiant / Pemangku and Celebrant

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Service Description

Simple Balinese Blessing Ceremony for TWO


  1. Balinese Blessings ceremony with additional (exchange rings)
  2. Balinese Ceremony Celebrant
  3. Commemorative Certificate
  4. Balinese Ceremony Decorations
  5. 2 coverage hours Photography by WHY IMAGING PHOTOGRAPHY
  6. 30 pieces Banana Trunk
  7. Wedding Organizer on D day


Ceremony Decoration

  • 2 pieces of Balinese umbrella
  • White altar table with small Balinese flower arrangement
  • 1,5 meter Frangipani line of flower petals on walkway
  • 2 standing flower “Sedap Malam”


  • Professional photographer coverage for 2 hours during ceremony and couple photos around the beach at Sunset time.
  • Given files 200
  • Photographer favorite 30
  • All files will email 1 week after shooting via dropbox / google drive


Term & Condition

  • This package are not yet inclusive Banjar Fee and Venue fee
  • This package can be brought to the villa where you stay or booking


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