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Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony is almost identical to many other style of weddings ceremony. The dissimilarity is that rather than being a legally binding ceremony, it is simply a public statement of a couples commitment to one another. It may be religious or secular, formal or traditional. The occasion of the ceremony will depend on the rules of wedding planner/organizer and the couple’s own preferences.

Commitment ceremonies have as much need for the substance and dignity of top class ceremony as any legal marriage. Your emotional life still has a need for a day full of joy and happiness in celebrating the relationship that may be the most important in your life.

A Commitment Ceremony is treated with the same care and importance as a marriage ceremony, however there is no requirement for legal documentation. It will performed by Celebrant. You can choose between Local English Speaking Celebrant or Western Celebrant
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Commitment Ceremony

Commitment ceremony are a celebration re-commitment between two people in Love.

Our Services are:

  1. Wedding consultant will be in charge.
  2. Wedding consultant will collect your copy of passport.
  3. Wedding consultant will collect and check your required document accurately.
  4. Wedding consultant will process ceremony certificate from Bali Wedding Easy
  5. Wedding consultant will re-confirm your ceremony requirement on the date (ceremony, venue, and other services needed)
  6. Wedding consultant will process ceremony text booklet (only for Couple) for the religious part of your wedding ceremony.
  7. Wedding consultant will give the certificate of Commitment Ceremony Certificate
  8. Wedding consultant will provide the exclusive pen for signing the certificate.
  9. Wedding consultant will re-confirm all arrangements with your celebrant and all other persons involved in ceremony event, close to the date of your ceremony.
  10. Wedding consultant will arrange pre-wedding meeting at Hotel / villa / etc where you will stay during your wedding event, to discuss every detail of your wedding ceremony. (Kuta – Denpasar – Sanur – Jimbaran and Uluwatu area Only)
    The Pre-wedding meeting will be held anytime between Monday to Friday, between 9.00 am – 03.00 pm with appointment.(Saturday, Sunday or holiday meeting will be possible, if available)
  11. Wedding consultant will attend your ceremony to act as a coordinator between you and any other persons involved in this ceremony
  12. Wedding consultant will assist, coordinate and arrange every details for ceremony event only.
  13. We provide you with free wedding certificate booklet and wedding ceremony text booklets with elegant design.

Commitment Ceremony include:

  1. Transportation for wedding consultant in charge on the day
  2. Wedding consultant fee


  • The wedding organizing additional fee will be charge, if you want a whole day wedding coordination services. (Preparation, Ceremony, Cocktail, Receptions)

The Services above are not included:

  • Drop and pick up services to wedding venue for couples.
  • Compulsory couples photo shoot for paperwork (religious and civil).
  • Decoration for ceremony.
  • Banjar Fee and Venue fee for held the Ceremony



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