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why imaging | pre wedding photography by team

5 hours

pre wedding photography with why imaging team
2 wedding photographers

1 wedding photographers assistant

2 free location, please confirm us before you choose paid location

30 pictures files will be delivered

15 pictures will be enhanced

Product Enquiry

Service Description

  • 1x make up  and hair do in clients location only
  • transport with Toyota Avanza/Suzuki APV/Nissan Evalia 7 seater or similar
  • refreshment during photoshooting
  • lunch box for 5 and 8 hours photoshooting
  • lunch and dinner box for 10 hours package




why imaging is Bali based wedding photography company.

We always have fun with our picture. Always experimenting, always new ideas make our picture not ordinarily image you can get from standard wedding photographer.

Clearly you want to get a different picture from your friends or family, get Milka on the phone or email and begin your journey into experimental perfection by booking your wedding day or just trash your dress in Bali or wherever you imagine and discover the meaning of memories.


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