Djampiro Ethnic


10 Musicians : Bass, Drum, Guitar, Keyboard and 2 Vocal (Female and Male)

Ethnic Section : Gendang and 3 Gamelan Bali (rindik, tingkik, suling, ceng2)

Performance : 2 x 45 Minutes

Band Equipment is Included : Bass, Guitar and Upper Keyboard

Song Repertoire : Pop, Ethnic

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Rhythm section in Bali for National Artist, Wedding Band and Corporate Dinner Band. Since it was born in 2002, Djampiro has been performing in many events and accumulated almost ten thousands of performing hours collectively.  Their live performances used to be dedicated to accompanying Indonesia’s leading artists.


Their live performances have also progressively become solo performances in many event gatherings, gala dinners and weddings. Undertaking their original aspiration in presenting a distinctive band, Djampiro encompasses genre of music from Pop, Ballads to Light Jazz  that is performed soulfully.  In particular events (or by requests), Djampiro delivers their special performances featuring option of Gamelan Bali  or string sections that is intriguingly exotic and unique.  Accompanying others or playing solo, Djampiro brings an unmatched style, sound and energy to their performances.



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