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Majestic wedding and event DJs

Warmest greetings from Bali, the island of the Gods! If you wonder where to find the best wedding DJ in Bali for your wedding reception or event, please read on.

The Majestic wedding & event DJ team consists of DJ Rob Soundz & DJ Paddy. Both are highly experienced and specialised Western deejays who know exactly how to make your wedding or event in Bali a memorable success. With each of them having more than a decade of experience performing at hundreds of weddings and events, you can’t go wrong with these guys.

The Price is For 3 Hours Entertainment. For Additional Hours please click below.

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Service Description

If you are planning a wedding or event in Bali, and are looking for one of the best DJs in the business to provide music entertainment for your guests, have a look at our profile.

DJ Rob Soundz and DJ Paddy are both highly experienced and specialised Western DJs in Bali. They combine their performance skill with excellent and clear communication and focus on your wishes and requirements, to make your wedding or event successful and memorable for all guests.

DJ/VJ Paddy

DJ/VJ Paddy was one of the first in the industry to truly implement Video clips in a DJ set in Bali. In a time when it was still the norm that DJ’s used only audio (and some visuals). Since 2007 he works with video-animation and video-mixing, making him one of the pioneers of implementing video into DJ performances.

Indonesia and its wedding and entertainment industry are familiar territory for him, having resided in the bustling capital of Jakarta for 3 years, spinning at various venues around the city. Since 2010, he is based in Bali, and knows exactly how to turn special theme nights into a great success, like exclusive wedding parties and the Retro nights at the busy Cocoon beach club.

DJ/VJ Paddy is a true professional DJ in Bali. Who will make sure, that your (wedding) party is unforgettable and exactly according to your wishes.

DJ Rob Soundz

Dutch international DJ Rob Soundz has performed for more than 15 years at hundreds of weddings, events and clubs, each with its own unique crowd, program, theme and atmosphere.

He has comprehensive musical knowledge and an immense musical repertoire of every genre that contains a lot to anyone’s taste. He makes a difference with his flexibility and communicative approach, closely discussing all of the client’s wishes and preferences, and actively thinking along with them regarding anything relevant to making the wedding or event memorable for all attendants.

DJ Rob Soundz is the recommended DJ of many wedding & event organisers on Bali. A true professional DJ that goes out of his way to make sure all his clients and their guest’s requirements are met, and he knows how to make every wedding and event memorable. And he looks the part too.



Terms and Conditions

Last updated on 20 April 2014

  • All rates are subject to change. Notice of changes in rates will be given. New rates are applicable to all new booking enquiries done from the date they come into effect. For pending bookings, a reasonable decision time will be agreed.
  • The rates for performances include the use of professional and versatile DJ gear. Rates are excluding a sound system & lighting. However, a sound system and/ or lighting can be arranged through one of our approved vendors.
  • Rates are for performances in South Bali only (as far as Tanah Lot in the west, Ketewel in the East, and all areas south of the Tanah Lot - Ketewel line). For performances outside this area, a travel surcharge may apply.
  • Different rates apply to performances on New Year's eve (by enquiry).
  • Tax is not applicable (the tax is a fixed sum paid by the artist to the government).
  • A 50% non-refundable deposit (force majeure events excluded) is required to confirm and secure each booking.
  • The remaining balance has to be paid before the start of the performance.
  • A performance contract outlining the details of the performance can be made for every booking, upon request.
  • A usual and reasonable cancellation & amendment policy is applicable, which is described in detail in the performance contract.
  • The electricity supply in Indonesia can be unreliable, and the DJ equipment that is used is sensitive to low or fluctuating voltages, as are most electronics. A voltage regulator is used to minimise the chance of the DJ equipment failing because of low or fluctuating voltage supply.
  • However, the regulator has limited range, and is not able to compensate very big fluctuations or very low voltages. If the music sounds distorted or drops altogether due to low or big fluctuations in the voltage of the electricity supply, the DJ can't be held responsible and no compensation is given. Generators usually provide a stable supply of 220 volt.
  • Even in the dry season, but definitely in the wet season, there is a chance of rain. In case of performances outdoors, a fully covered DJ booth to protect the equipment from water damage is not necessary. However, it will be accepted that as soon as it starts raining, the equipment will have to be covered, and the music may stop temporarily. In such a scenario, no refund will be given for the time that no music is played.




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