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Bali Wedding Easy Commitment Ceremony
Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony is almost identical to many other style of weddings ceremony. TheĀ dissimilarity is that rather than being a legally binding ceremony, it is simply a public statement of a couples commitment to one another. It may be religious or secular, formal or traditional. The occasion of the ceremony will depend on the rules of wedding planner/organizer and the couple’s own preferences.

Commitment ceremonies have as much need for the substance and dignity of top class ceremony as any legal marriage. Your emotional life still has a need for a day full of joy and happiness in celebrating the relationship that may be the most important in your life.

A Commitment Ceremony is treated with the same care and importance as a marriage ceremony, however there is no requirement for legal documentation. It will performed by Celebrant. You can choose between Local English Speaking Celebrant or Western Celebrant
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