Create a Gorgeous Bouquet With Just 3 Flowers

Create a Gorgeous Bouquet With Just 3 Flowers

We love bouquets of all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to hand crafting your own? Well, it can feel a little intimidating to say the least. Luckily a gorgeous bouquet doesn’t have to be complicated and Abby Larson is here to show you how to build a bouquet using just three flowers, a touch of greenery, and a the perfect amount of creativity.


1 primary flower
2 accent flowers
Floral tape
Flower stem cutters



step-1Start by removing the leaves and thorns from the stems of your primary flowers.

step-2Begin with the primary flower in the center, and begin layering in additional flowers. Keep the taller blooms towards the back of the bouquet.

step-3In order to keep the shape you’ve created you will need to secure your bouquet with floral tape. Wrap floral tape around the stems, this will help keep your flowers in place.

step-4Cover the floral tape by wrapping a ribbon of your choice around the floral tape. Be sure to leave extra ribbon towards the top of your bouquet when you begin wrapping. Continue wrapping the ribbon around the stems until the two ends of your ribbon meet.  Tie the ribbon ends together in a knot at the front of your bouquet.

step-5Use your flower stem cutters to trim the stems at an angle. Keep your freshly prepped bouquet in a vase of water until ready for use.

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