Bali Wedding Easy was created with the vision of involving online technology, smartphone apps, simplicity, and social media interaction into the Bali wedding industry. Wedding Couple can easily sourcing their needs with transparent budgeting


Vendors can display their product or service with the transparent information and the right price, Couple can seek their wedding needs. The end result is an online ecommerce marketplace for wedding industri in Bali, and a free online source and planning tool for engaged couples that helps them quickly and easily find their perfect trustworthy wedding vendors.


As a destination wedding, we believe so many people who loves Bali, want to have a memorable wedding in Bali. Sourcing the right vendors is a difficult task for many foreigner to have a affordable wedding in Bali. We try to connect between couple and wedding vendor to communicate in our website.

If you need a justification to throw a party, then your wedding party is the perfect reason. This is the most important day in your life and nothing is wrong if you want a perfect celebration. We even understand if you are so attentive to detail.

As a wedding destination, Bali held almost 16,000 wedding a year. It makes Bali one of the hottest wedding destination in the world. No one can resist the charm of Bali. Especially if you can celebrate a wedding party there.

Whatever the atmosphere you want, everything is there, from the mountains with the sound of gurgling streams, the view over the vast ocean of the barrier reef, and the white sand, that will accompany your wedding vows.

Bali has so many beautiful small chapel and awesome intimate villa, with a variety of shapes, styles and locations, in mountainous areas, beaches and cliffs. Also if you want to throw a very huge party with thousand of invitee, Bali has many beautiful garden and huge ballrooms to accommodate your guests.

However, do not let the preparations make you depressed and lose its joy, for that, we are here to assist you with various need of your wedding, so you do not need to be confused to think about everything. We selected some of the best vendors in Bali, helping you to enhance your Happy days.

Vendors that we represent, are professional vendors, who are engaged in the wedding in Bali. Some of them are member of the Bali Wedding Association, the first and the only one professional wedding business in Bali recognized by the government.

Please enjoy the pictures and articles that we have prepared for your wedding, after that you can choose our selected vendors. We will help you as much as possible to make your fabulous wedding destination in Bali. If you think it is very tedious to select a wedding vendor, please choose several wedding packages that we have prepared for you. 

We have three different choice of package, All Inclusive package, Hot package, and ordinary wedding package. If you need more information about the package never hesitate to email us

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Yano Sumampow Bali Wedding Easy co-owner and co-founder

Yano Sumampow

Yano Sumampow is the co-owner & co-founder of Bali Wedding Easy. He is also a Commercial Photographer and owner at, Social Media Enthusiast. Offroader with an attitude.

Josephine Milka Bali Wedding Planner

Josephine Milka

Co-owner and co-founder of Bali Wedding Easy. Wedding planner with tons of creativity. Fashion enthusiast. A great mom with two fabulous boys.

Marcellino Santoso

Owner and founder of, Co-owner of Bali Wedding Easy. IT specialist who live in Netherland. Vaping enthusiast.